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Издательство СО РАН

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Поиск по журналу

Химия в интересах устойчивого развития

2004 год, номер 1

Clean Technology in the Metallurgical Industry

Fathi Habashi
Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering,
Laval University, Quebec City, G1K 7P4 (Canada)
E-mail: Fathi.Habashi@gmn.ulaval.ca
Страницы: 95-100


In the mid 1960s environmental groups started pressing for cleaner environment. The metallurgical industry responded in a variety of ways. The steel industry closed open hearth furnaces and switched over to other cleaner technology. The aluminium industry switched over from Soderberg to pre-baked electrodes in the electrolytic cells. The copper industry abandoned the reverberatory furnace to a flash smelting technology. Tall stacks were constructed to dispose of SO2, but the zinc industry eliminated SO2 emissions completely by using pressure leaching technology which may well be applied to other nonferrous industries. Some other measures taken are reviewed.